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Auction Reminder - Weese Auction Co. Inc.

Lake Norman Self Storage
18926 W. Catawba Ave
Cornelious, NC

This Lake Norman Storage Facility will sell various items of personal property at auction pursuant to the assertion of a lien for rental at its self-storage facility. We sell these items by the piece and have no idea what is in each unit until the doors are open the day of sale.

There are currently ** 13 Bin ** available. One is full of construction tools (but remember, that could change. The Manager does not believe the count should change.

This auction has 2 sites. Please park across the street from the first site. This will decrease the time to start the second site.

It is Christmas everyday at these auctions. Come on out and as ALWAYS have fun!!

Look forward to seeing you there!!

Ralph & Michele Weese 704-283-0400