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Auction Reminder - Weese Auction Co. Inc.

*** Attention storage bin customers, ebayers, and shop
owners! PLEASE READ!**


We wanted to say thanks to those who came out for the
first day of our auction this weekend! We sold a lot of
fine furniture, vintage glassware, and other great items
but we only scratched the surface!

We will be starting again Sunday (5/27) at 2:00 and we
still have almost 75% of the items left to sell!

In addition to the rest of the furniture and vintage
glassware on the upper floors, we have a basement full of
tools, hardware, furniture, and general merchandise that
must go to the highest bidder!

If you usually only attend our storage bin sales, this is
a personal property auction you will not want to miss! We
will be selling some items by the shelf, table, or pile
ABSOLUTE!!!!! Bring your trucks, vans, and trailers and
maybe even some help to load. You may end up making
multiple trips!

Absolute Personal Property Auction
Formerly the Estate of Alma Baucom Braswell (Deceased)
Sunday, May 27th, 2 PM

2122 Sikes Mill Road Monroe, North Carolina

Pictures and a partial listing are still up on our website!

Hope to see you there!

Ralph & Michelle